Maverick Youth Services

Supporting Children and Families Through Counseling, Housing, and Youth Development

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Individual and family counseling

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Assisting families with securing housing

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Nurturing growth and development of youth

Our Approach

Our non-profit provides counseling services, housing assistance, and youth enrichment opportunities to support families in need.

With professionalism and care, we guide families toward stability and prosperity.

Maverick Youth Services is a not for profit agency designed to provide supportive services to children and families in the areas of counseling, housing, and youth development.  Families with re-entry and domestic violence special needs will be supported through referrals, counseling and housing.  Children and communities will be provided intervention, mentoring, academic and tutoring support. 

Making A Real Difference

Teaching & Giving Back

Building The Future

MYS creates and facilitates professional development for teachers of at-risk youth using researched and proven models of character development and behavioral modification. We were born from a school support organization that provided services to networks of schools and families in needy communities.

Our staff uses moral strategies to help guide families to prosperous futures. Through partnerships with agencies like school districts, MYS assesses, plans and customizes support services to fit client needs.

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